February 2019 Calendar – Printable Templates & Ultimate Guide

February 2019 Calendar

This is a repository of everything related to February 2019 Calendar. We also have some of the most amazing February 2019 Calendar in printable templates.

Calendar Crazy has exclusively designed these Calendar Template for your every need. It is free to download in various formats like excel, word, pdf and jpg.  Although we recommend you use the pdf format for best results.

February is the second month in the year and is the shortest of all months. This year in 2019, February has 28 days. But in leap years it has 29 days. February was named after the Roman month Februarius which in turn was named after the Latin term februum. This terms are derived from the purification ritual called Februa held on February 15 (full moon) according to the old lunar Roman calendar.

February 2019 Calendar Template

February is the second month with a great deal of festivals, excitement and energy. Everybody finds it very interesting and are in a happy mood. But they also have a great deal of pending work to complete. You may also forget your pending work because time passes by quickly. So, to solve your problem we provide you with printable February 2019 Calendar template.

This free Calendar template will help you manage most of your activities. It will help you plan and finish your pending and upcoming work with ease. There are many people who know about printable calendars. However there are a few who also don't know about it. So, we help such people who are looking for Printable Calendar templates for the very first-time. Therefore, if you are also new to using calendar template we are here to help you. We offer a variety of printable calendars that you will love. We will also inform you about printable calendars and its applications.

February 2019 Calendar Template

February 2019 Moon Phases

As the snowiest month in the United States, February’s full moon is commonly known as the Full Snow Moon in Native American cultures. These ancient tribes named this moon after the way trees cracked in the cold, or how people had to sit shoulder to shoulder around the fire for warmth. Even the Celts called it the Moon of Ice. As expected of the coldest month in the year, the Full Snow Moon is also known by more sinister names, such as the Bone Moon.

New Moon

February 4
21:03 UTC
First Quarter

February 12
22:26 UTC
Full Moon

February 19
15:53 UTC
Last Quarter

February 26
11:27 UTC

The Cherokee tribe called February’s full moon the Bone Moon because by this point, the tribe’s winter food supplies had usually dwindled to the point where people had to gnaw on bones and cook bone marrow soup in order to survive. For the same reason, the Kalapuya tribe called this moon the Out of Food Moon. Appropriately, it’s also known as the Hunger Moon and the Little Famine Moon. Perhaps due to this month’s association with death, the Cherokee tribe would commune with their dead ancestors during the Bone Moon. A didanawiskawi, or a medicine person, would host a medicine dance for the community. Fasting and rituals for the dead were also common practices. This story of February Full Moon is brought to you with courtesy of Moongiant.

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